What does it mean to be a Champion?

As Champion, you commit and agree to pray, identify and engage qualified people for the purpose of expanding Search into new and existing cities.

FIRST, you will serve as Search's ambassador. A representative of our organization and the first point of contact as your prospect navigates unfamiliar Search waters. Please expect lots of questions.  If you do not have the answers, don’t hesitate to reach out to the recruiting team, national office, your executive director, team leader or other Search team member for help.  

LASTLY AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, you will serve as the Prospect’s advocate, cheerleader and mentor. Only YOU can ensure this person's success, so we need your TOTAL commitment to effectively represent, promote and prepare your prospect as you walk through the hiring process together. 

Please be prepared to provide full and candid answers to all questions, being assured they will be handled confidentially within our hiring process. REMEMBER ONLY YOU CAN ENSURE SUCCESS FOR YOUR PROSPECT.

After the Recruiting Team has received all the responses and nomination form, you will receive an email within 3 business days with a copy of these responses and next steps as you and your Prospect enter Phase-2 of this process.

Thank you for your leadership as you step up and accept this crucial role in helping to define our future and deploy our resources.  

In His Service,

Davis Kuykendall, Executive Director
Recruiting Director
Mobile: 704.591.9834



Identifying your Prospect:

Do business and professional people take this person seriously? *
Would you trust your non-Christian friends with this person? *
Is their lifestyle consistent with Search’s Philosophy of Ministry? *
To the best of your knowledge, is this person theologically compatible with Search? *
Does this person embrace Search’s answers to the 12 Questions? *
Does this person have the qualities to open and lead a city or to strengthen and co-lead in a city? *
Does this person have the DNA of Search? *
On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, rate the following:


Qualifying your Prospect: 

We would like you, the Champion, to schedule a conversation with your prospect to discern their calling to our kind of ministry. We want to know if a life of ministry like ours sounds like a good idea or a calling they cannot escape. On the nomination form, we ask for a written endorsement: “Why do you believe this person is a good fit for Search?” The following questions may help you discern if this person has a call to the ministry, rather than just an affection for what we do. When you send your nomination letter to recruiting@searchmail.org, notes from this conversation will be helpful for the Recruiting Team as they decide next steps for this prospect.  

  • Describe your dream job if money and time were not constraints? 
  • If you could accomplish one thing with your life, what would it be? 
  • In the morning, when you think through your day, what kinds of things most often excite you? Concern you? 
  • When you climb into bed and think back over the day, are there consistent things that satisfy you? Disappoint you? Concern you? 
  • What occupies the bulk of your “think/daydream time?” 
  • What draws you to ministering to others?  *
  • What draws you to vocational ministry versus “volunteer” ministry?  *
  • What concerns do you have about vocational ministry? *
  • Who have been significant influencers in your life? Describe how and what you are doing as a result of some of their influence? *
  • Who are you influencing? Are you aware of anything they are doing as a result of your influence? (Put your humility aside for a moment.)  *
  • Who do you like to spend time with when you have free time?  *
  • When you schedule appointments, who gets the first priority with your time?  *
  • What percentage of your time is typically with seekers? Skeptics? Believers?  *
  • If you flipped a coin to choose between a focus on discipleship and evangelism, which would you call it for? Why?  *
  • What is your experience with evangelism? *
  • Describe your best style of evangelism. Why do you find it effective? *
  • Briefly tell me about 3 friends of yours who do not know Christ and how you are relating to them. *
  • What is your experience with apologetics and are you utilizing it in your relationships?  *