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We're about meeting people where they are.

Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. We believe that the unexamined faith is not worth keeping. Search was founded in 1977 to create opportunities for stimulating, sensitive, and respectful dialogue for those of us who wrestle with the big questions of life.

We believe that every worldview involves faith in some form, but we are committed to applying reason and evidence to our search for ultimate answers to life’s big questions. We seek an intellectually robust faith, which leaves room for doubt and discussion.

We work to create stimulating, sensitive, and respectful conversations among people who wrestle with the big questions of life. Because the way we answer – or fail to answer – these questions affects every aspect of life.

Many people believe they can never have certainty when it comes to life’s big questions. At best, they may take a few educated guesses. But we believe that pursuit of the truth is a necessary ingredient in any “examined faith.” Moreover, we are confident that the best answers will satisfy our minds, provide peace, fulfillment, meaning and direction in this life , and offer hope for the life to come.

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What We Do


What We Do

We spend most of our time engaged in sensitive, tolerant, and respectful conversations about life’s big questions.

The brightest and best thinkers throughout history have wrestled with life’s ultimate questions, and we’ve invested thousands of hours researching the most challenging, satisfying, and interesting answers. We’ve sifted through books, lectures, manuscripts, and contemporary conversations with some of the leading intellectuals in the world to ensure that we are able to provide well structured and meaningful answers to these legitimate questions.

As a result of our research, we’ve created some tools to help people on their own journeys. If you lead a group in your area you may find these materials helpful. Click here to learn more about our individual materials. To place an order, call (800) 617-3272.


Where We Are


Where We Are

Our incredible staff makes us unique.

In 23 cites across the country, our 33 full-time and 11 associate staff are impacting their communities for Christ. They each bring a unique set of backgrounds and gifts into their cities.  Our staff includes a dozen former pastors, a few industry leaders, a couple real estate salesmen, a lawyer, a banker, three former NFL players, and veterans of Young Life, Campus Crusade, and several other ministries.

But they share one essential thing in common: they are all passionate about a relational approach to reaching men and women for Christ.

For detailed information, please contact our National Office.


Alabama — Birmingham
Arizona — Phoenix/Scottsdale
Arkansas — Little Rock
California — Orange County
Idaho — Boise
Florida - The Villages
Maryland —
    Howard County & DC
Minnesota — Minneapolis – St. Paul
North Carolina — 
    Raleigh Triangle



Ohio — Columbus
Oklahoma — Oklahoma City
Oregon — Portland
Pennsylvania — York
South Carolina — Greenville
Tennessee — Nashville
Texas — 
    Ft. Worth
    Collin County
Washington — Seattle
Wisconsin — Milwaukee